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Nikita Gill

How to Identify a Writer in Love


You must understand, my dearest, that I am a writer. I am not a pragmatist. 


When I say that I love you, my feelings are far deeper and far more complicated. 


When I say I would die for you, my idea of death is twisted and not made of any form of repentance at all. 


When I say I would kill for you, it's not just metaphorical or metaphysical murder I speak of.


When I say I adore you, I shall find plot points on your body and use my hands as a pen to navigate them.


When I say you are the only one for me, you will be all I eat, sleep and drink... for many years to come.


But when I say I find you more poignant than the moment I stood above Mary Shelly's grave, tears streaming down my cheeks, overwhelmed by the emotions that welled inside my body... then I must find you very poignant indeed.





           Nikita Gill is a 25-year-old madness who once wrote an unknown book called Your Body is an Ocean and is

           now editor of a literary magazine called Modern Day Fairytales.

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