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Kirby Wright

Artwork by Richard Baldasty

House with Dragon Trees
The sun warms this morning before Easter, paralyzing cats in windows. "Pop Goes the Weasel" plays. Tiny feet chatter chasing an ice cream truck.  There was a neighborhood below the volcano.  I see the house with dragon trees, a net above the garage, backyard swings.
I return to bed.  Teary Eary, my plush dog, remembers.  See the boy run on cut legs.  Hear a soprano howl as the belt sings.  Smell the iron scent of blood.  Teary's fur is worn from hugging and biting.
At twilight, I rise and float ghost-like over the driveway.  The children are gone.  Popsicle sticks like in the gutter.  I flip the mailbox lid and find a bomb inside - an Easter card from Daddy.


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