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Alyssa Cooper

Solar Flares


You know if you stay

you'll never escape;

you know

that it's almost too late,

that the future you never expected is


towards you,

full force,

building speed;

     a train rushing

     down a darkened tunnel.


But you cant

     turn back;

not now.


You can't turn away

from a light

so bright

that it puts the sun to


You'd rather burn up,

lost in that all-consuming


than live your life

in the dark.







I will perfect purity,

take in nothing,

save smoke

and air.

With every sighing breath

and mundane movement,

I burn myself off

    a sublimation of flesh

    and bone,

until I'm floating away;

until I'm flying

through the sky,

a million tiny pieces

of one violently screaming





Life Giving


I am everything;

the sun and the moon and the stars.


I am the blood

between my legs,

and the ache in my gut.


I am the cramping


of pain

that settles each night

in the only life-giving organ left

in my cold









All I can see when I look at you

is her.

What was it like

     to plough into that body?

     Did it remind you

        of me?

What did she feel like as she moved

against you?


Was she smaller

    than I am?

Did her bones feel


in your hands?


Could you taste the memory of


on the back of her

bitter tongue?







I have constellations

all over my body

that never used

to exist; I am

growing into a



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